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Unit 8200 (read as eight two-hundred, or יחידה 8200 (shmone matayim) in Hebrew) is an IDF Intelligence Corps unit, responsible for collecting signal intelligence and code decryption. It is also known in military publications as the Central Collection Unit of the Intelligence Corps, and was formerly known as Unit 515, and later, Unit 848.

It is the largest unit in the IDF, comparable in its function to the United States' National Security Agency, except that it is not a separate civilian (i.e. Ministry of Defense) body.

In March 2004, The Commission to investigate the intelligence network following the War in Iraq recommended turning the unit into a civilian National SIGINT Agency, as is largely the case in other Western countries, but this proposal has yet to be implemented.

Unit 8200 is led by a Brigadier-General whose identity remains classified.

Ronen Bergman revealed in a 2009 book that a Hezbollah bomb, disguised as a cell phone, exploded at Unit 8200's headquarters in February 1999. Two officers were injured.[1]

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