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Lieutenant General Shamsur Rahman Kallue was a vetern intelligence officer and a general in the Pakistan Army, and then was head of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). The CIA wanted Kallue to meet Masoud to put forward U.S. interests in the region. Insight wrote (ibid):

"The next day Masoud headed off through the Hindu Kush mountain range to the border of Pakistan for a secret meeting scheduled on another mountain side with Gen. Shamsur Rahman Kallue, head of the Pakistan military's Inter Services Intelligence directorate, whose orders the fiercely independent Masoud has consistently refused to follow. After crossing two mountain passes deep in snow on his way to The Rendezvous, Masoud received a message asking him to move up the appointment several hours. He radioed back that that was impossible and that he might be a day late because of weather. Kallue said he could not wait and returned to Islamabad, Pakistan, offering to leave a helicopter to bring Massoud to Islamabad... He declined the offer. Benazir could not afford to implement U.S. orders to cut off weapons to Hekmatyar's people because ISI would have toppled her government. She decided to cut American aid to Hekmatyar to please the U.S. and increase aid to Hekmatyar from Saudi's generous money to please ISI." Template:Start Template:S-mil Template:S-bef Template:S-ttl Template:S-aft Template:End


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