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Counter Terrorism Command (CTC) or SO15 is a Specialist Operations branch within London's Metropolitan Police Service.[1] Counter Terrorism Command was established as a result of the merging of the Anti-Terrorist Branch (SO13), and the Special Branch in 2006, to form a single counter-terrorism investigative unit.[1] CTC has over 1,500 Police Officers and staff, and a number of investigators based overseas. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stuart Osbourn is the current Head of the CTC.


According to the Counter Terrorism Command's website, its responsibilities are: [2]

  • To bring to justice those engaged in terrorism, domestic extremism and related offences.
  • To provide a proactive and reactive response to terrorism, domestic extremism and related offences, including the prevention and disruption of such activity.
  • Support the National Co-ordination of Terrorist Investigations outside London.
  • To gather and exploit intelligence on terrorism and extremism in London.
  • To assess, analyse and develop intelligence to aid operational activity.
  • To engage in partnership with London’s varying communities in order to understand their concerns and to provide reassurance and support where needed.
  • To provide specialist security advice internally and externally.
  • To provide an explosive ordnance disposal and CBRN capability in London.
  • To assist the British MI5 Security Service and MI6 Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) in fulfilling their statutory roles.
  • To be the police single point of contact for international partners in counter-terrorism matters
  • Assisting in the protection of British interests overseas and the investigation of attacks against them.


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